The firm La Baratta and the organic agriculture

Up until a few centuries ago this was a wooded area full of oaks and secular ash-trees…

The name most probably derives from the fact that this wood was the object of a ‘baratto’ (an exchange) between the Republic of Venice, which at the time owned all the forests extending from the sea to the mountains, and some noble Venetian family who had been of service to the Serenissima.

It is well-known that the “Baratta” Agricultural Holding has always produced wines of recognized quality since the terrain in this area is particularly rich in calcareous clay.

Today the brothers Stefano and Ivano Crosariol run the "Baratta" holding, set up by the family in the 1930s, originally with a sharecropping system and then as a property. The area reserved as a vineyard is over twenty hectares, cultivated with a biological method, in support of the values regarding protection of the environment which the Crosariol family has always upheld.

What exactly is meant by biological vine-growing?

There’s nothing special about it! It simply means humbly taking a step backwards and cultivating the vines exactly as they were grown fifty years ago. That doesn’t mean looking backwards, on the contrary, it means having a very modern ethical view of things.

As Woody Allen said: “we count on spending most of our lives in the future”. Maintaining a biological approach with vine-growing means spreading manure in alternate years in order to protect the vines from downy mildew and powdery mildew, using only copper sulphate.

A simple age-old recipe that enables us to leave what we have found to our children.