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bottiglie magnum dipinte a mano

Say it with a unique gift

Dear friends,

Christmas is approaching and we are sure that you too are struggling with gifts these days.

Every year the question is the same: what do we give for Christmas?

And the fear is to buy the gift the same as last year's or, worse, useless.

This year we have an extraordinary novelty to offer you: the quality of the "La Baratta" wines meets the artistic inspiration to create splendid hand-painted magnums. An opportunity to give something really special and precious.

Each magnum is different from the other because you decide what to paint: the portrait of a dear friend or loved one or a memory of a special moment to share with your loved ones.

In short, let your imagination run wild and come to the cellar (or contact us) to reserve your hand-painted magnums.

But hurry up, because the delivery of a magnum can take up to 8 days from your booking.

Naturally we wait for you in the cellar for a toast and to advise you which wines to put on your Christmas tables.

Merry Christmas and happy new year from the Crosariol family.