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La Baratta quality is also bag in box

We are pleased to present our new 5 liter bag in box.

After more than a year of tests and studies with our designers, we have finally created the bag in box signed "La Baratta", a new practical and convenient way to always have with you the quality and unique flavor of our wines.

Reds and whites, the variety of wines available in bag in box is wide and will satisfy all palates.

But creating only the bag in box didn't seem enough...

Practicality has been one of the main objectives we set ourselves from the beginning.

So we also created the exclusive “La Baratta” table stand. Elegant in its transparent plexyglass, with the drip tray, it will immediately become an indispensable accessory to always carry with you along with the bag in box.

And don't worry about how much it costs, because it will be yours with the purchase of at least 30 bag in box in a year.

For all information on our bag in box and table stand click here.

That's it for this time too, friends.

And of course, as usual, we are waiting for you in the cellar.