The wine-making process at "La Baratta"

The wine-making process

It is important to preserve the integrity of the product that has been painstakingly harvested in the vineyard. Grape-picking starts when the grapes have ripened perfectly, trying to concentrate the harvest in the hours of the morning when the temperature is cooler. The grapes will then be transformed into must by the crushing machine which has to crush the berries with the very same delicateness used when this was done with the feet. The must obtained ferments at controlled temperatures (18/20°C for white wines, 25/28°C for reds), in order to preserve the primary aromas.

During the fermentation process numerous physic-chemical analyses are carried out to check that the natural process of transformation of the sugars into alcohol takes place correctly. The wine that is thus obtained is stored for refining in tanks and every so often is racked in order to eliminate any deposits that have formed. Towards the end of January the white wines are ready to be tasted and sold and subsequently, in turn, also the reds, respecting the natural rhythms that nature imposes.

“We, too, should not forget to live according to the rhythms of Mother Nature: we have only health and serenity to gain from it!”