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Prosecco DOC semi-sparkling wine "hand tied"

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Our production line certainly cannot omit the Venetian wine par excellence – Prosecco.
In order to offer it to our clients we have set up business relations and established synergies with companies that are run with methods of biological agriculture.
The Prosecco we present here has superior characteristics.

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: strong straw-yellow colour, very fine and persistent perlage.
Aroma: delicately aromatic with traces of wild apples and white flowers.
Taste: smooth and elegantly sweetish. Flavoursome, persistent and decided for the balanced level of refreshing acidity.

Ideal to serve with

Delicate fish dishes such as lobster, mantis shrimp, crayfish. Also excellent spumante for between meals or as an aperitif. Due to its elegant medium-sweetness and aromatic notes it makes a good accompaniment also to baked desserts.

Alcoholic strength: 11% Vol.
Serving temperature: 8-10°C